A tap dancer who loves Shakespeare, traveling, and learning. Also is a Whovian.
    • Doctor: *staring down a mummy*
    • Everyone watching: Come on, say it, say it, say it...
    • Doctor: Hello. I will be your victim this evening.
    • Everyone watching: Say it already!
    • Doctor: ...are you my mummy?
    • Everyone watching: YEAH!!!
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    Palouse, Washington | Jesse Summers
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    Carpathian Mountains | Anton Borodavka
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    Hermione Norris: Because of the nature of the episode, working in space suits which are quite restrictive—can’t hear, can’t see, can’t breathe, no spacial awareness—in forty degrees of heat… [laughs] It’s been challenging in surprising ways.

    Doctor Who Extra 1x07 Kill the Moon [x]

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    Montreux, Switzerland | Florin Biscu

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    { the little cabin on lake braies }

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  • admit it, you like him.

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